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“Quality is never an accident;
it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort,
intelligent direction, and skillful execution;
it presents the wise choice of many alternatives.”

Bastiaan Kok
industrial design is a product design studio specialized in
E-mobility, concept design and visualizations.

Quality product design requires a deep felt wish to make products that make the world a better place.
True quality lies in attention, designing and redesigning.
Inquiring about the needs and wishes of its costumers and much more.
The last 20 years this is what we have been doing.

There is always the perfect form. This perfection is a kind of sheer beauty. This can be overlooked quickly. Once you see it, you’ll recognise it almost instantly. With this quality we have been winning the numerous rewards, design prizes and innovation awards.

It’s what we aim to achieve with every new design challenge we come across.
This is what drives us and makes us enthusiastic with each and every task that lies before us.
Whether it is designing a complete new vehicle or a new kick-stand.

Don’t hesitate to contact us and find out what we can do for you.



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Bastiaan Kok industrial design
Langbroekerdijk B 17
3947 BA

T: +31(0)6 522 52 697
E: design@bastiaankok.nl
S: bastiaan kok (skype)

member BNO


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Exploring the e-bike of the future

With so much development currently happening in the bicycle industry, Bike Europe asked designers Bastiaan Kok and Peter van der Veer to take a look into the future. They explored 9 trends which they see as where developments in bicycle design and two-wheel mobility in general may be heading.

One thing is certain, mobility is on the cusp of change. Over the coming decades, the car will take a step back,

and two-wheeled mobility will be given a further push towards centre stage. Designers Peter van der Veer and Bastiaan Kok immersed themselves in the development of the bicycle and the role of the bicycle in the mobility of the future and identified 9 trends. Their conclusion; “Let the future come: the bicycle is far from being fully developed and a bright future awaits”.

click image to read more.

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photo credit: Gerhard Witteveen
Bastiaan Kok industrial design (BKid) is a Design Studio specialized in concept design, visualizations and automotive styling.
The products designed by BKid are well thought out, distinctive and posses an original simplicity, resulting in a timeless beauty.

BKid focuses in particular on mobility concepts and product groups where design can be of great importance for the success of the product.
BKid works both for a selection of (international) clients as on own initiative.

Bastiaan Kok has more than 20 years of experience in product design and product styling for the consumer market and the public domain.
Gifted with a sense for design, Bastiaan Kok has creativity, an eye for trends and the skills in order to visualize the ideas in an appealing manner.
Bastiaan Kok specializes in automotive design and products with a genetic code (distinguishing marks that make products part of a brand)

The products designed by Bastiaan Kok fall into the taste of both the consumer and the specialists jury resulting in many awards over the past 15 years.


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Prizes and Awards

August 2023, G100 Design Selection, Motinova E-bike motor

February 2023, Design & Innovation Award,
Bobike Go for Bobike Safety Seats

April 2016, 'Fiets van het jaar 2016',
Batavus Quip for Batavus

October 2015, GIO Special Award for Excellence,
Batavus Quip for Batavus

October 2015, Good Industrial design Award (GIO),
Bobike One for Bobike Safety seats

August 2015, Eurobike Award Winner,
Guppy Juniorseat for Polisport

February 2015, IF design Award for product design,
Guppy Juniorseat for Polisport

February 2012, IF design Award for product design,
Guppy childseat for Polisport

December 2010,
honourable mention, Philips Consumer Lifestyle International Design Competition, design for a pressurized steam generator.

November 2009,
nomination Strijp-S simply the cleanest, Strijp-BB.

April 2008, Winner Vredestein Safety Design Award, Fashion Safety Pack.


Exposition The Family of form, 60 years Design Academy, family of Skil Powertools, designed at ‚Brandes en Meurs industrial design’ during the period 2000-2005.

The Family of form, 60 years design academy: Designhuis, Eindhoven, 2008
En Forme, 60 years design academy: Institut Neerlandais, Paris, 2007
The Family of form, 60 years design academy: Salone del Mobile, Milan, 2007

De kleine auto,
The small car: Kunsthal, Rotterdam, 1994

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The Family of form, 60 years Design Academy (photo: Patrick Meis)