Bastiaan Kok industrial design (BKid) is a Design Studio specialized in concept design, concept visualizations and design of products.

The products designed by BKid are well thought out, distinctive and posses an original simplicity, resulting in a timeless beauty.

BKid focuses in particular on mobility concepts and product groups where design can be of great importance for the success of the product.
BKid works both for a selection of (international) clients as on own initiative.

Bastiaan Kok has more than 15 years of experience in product design and product styling for the consumer market and the public domain.
Gifted with a sense for design, Bastiaan Kok has creativity, an eye for trends and the skills in order to visualize the ideas in an appealing manner.
Bastiaan Kok specializes in automotive design and products with a genetic code (distinguishing marks that make products part of a brand)

The products designed by Bastiaan Kok fall into the taste of both the consumer and the specialists jury resulting in many awards over the past 15 years.